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Twitter Search

has always been a superbly useful tool but it does have limitations when it comes to searching old Tweets or links that you have seen in the past. That is where this new tool called steps in and provides a brilliant service. Much as when I first saw Sumize (which turned in to Twitter Search) the first time I used this tool I knew I was on to something special. For all it's power Twitter is a very instant tool with information disappearing unless you are smart enough to bookmark or favorite individual tweets they are often impossible to find at a later date. lets you search not only your own but your friends' old tweets and it also lets you segment them down by links or photos. I've been surprised that Twitter have not expanded their own search functionality to date and that it has remained so basic and functional. If I was Twitter I'd be looking at a quick purchase of this company and trying to integrate this in to their core product because it will make twitter fundamentally more useful.

Additional Uses

I can even use this tool as a handy little RSS reader because if I click on the "links" tab it just pulls in all the useful links and cuts out all the noise that the people I follow also put in to their Twitter stream. You can even take it a step further and only view links that certain people share which is especially useful if you know somebody who is a great curator of information. Another option allows you to view only photos or photos by certain individuals which can turn Twitter in to a very visual search engine. I could see how this could be used to curate certain photos around specific search terms for example. The key to this tool is it's simplicity.

Video Demo

To really understand the true power of this search engine you need to watch the little video demo that the founder of the site has created. Not only can it search tweets way in to the past but it also can act like an RSS reader or help you find those old photos or links from friends that you are looking for.

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