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Is Twitter Just RSS For Idiots?

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Controversial title I know but let me explain a little more. RSS is the most useful tool around but the man in the street never had any interest in it because it was too technical and wasn't presented in a way that he (or she) could comprehend. Setting up readers and importing feeds and all that sort of fooling around was just a step too far. Techies kept going on about the power of syndicating content and how it made our consumption of all the noise online more efficient but it just didn't register. Then along came Twitter. The more I think about it the more I realize that Twitter is just a simple RSS reader for non techies that they can easily understand. It even takes most people a while to get Twitter and the power of it but when they do they realize how efficient it is for the information to come you rather than you going looking for the information. Essentially RSS.

The New RSS

Twitter powers magazines like Flipboard below and lots of other apps with their feeds. People can now consume information in a way that they understand and is completely idiot proof. It's why companies like flipboard can raise money at a 200 million valuation. The potential to change the entire media landscape is mid blowing. Sure there is RSS in there as well but without Twitter (and to a lesser extent Facebook) to power the feeds that make these sorts of apps possible the media landscape wouldn't be changing in front of our eyes to the extent that it currently is.

You'd Be An Idiot Not To Use RSS

A few years ago I would have said that you would be an idiot not to use RSS. The world was full of idiots. Essentially people were using technology in an inefficient way and not making the most of their time and how they consumed information. I jest of course about idiots but you see what I mean. If you want the best information and rely on it for your job (journalists, agencies, brands etc) then it could probably be argued that you are an idiot now if you are not on Twitter. Who doesn't want the best information. You can't find any better information and data than Twitter these days so it could be argued that without that you are an idiot. As for RSS it's not dead, it's just evolving.

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