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HUGE : New Facebook "Like" Button Goes Live And Replaces "Fans

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We knew this was going to be a big week for Facebook with lots of changes being rolled out they have started with the new "Like" button that we wrote about last week

. The move by Facebook takes away the pressure of becoming a fan and makes it easier to have lighter engagements with brands while still liking their content. Brands and businesses who have spent the last year building up fan bases though are going to be scrambling around over the next couple of days trying to figure out what has happened to the huge investment of time, money and energy they have put in to acquiring those Facebook fans. If you delve a little deeper in to the Facebook guidelines around the new feature you notice that it is more of a language change and the biggest changes will be felt on profiles of individual users rather than on the pages themselves.  There is no doubt that this feature that is rolling out across the Facebook network is a major change in direction for Facebook and there has been talk in the Financial Times that this would be part of a huge new behavioural ad network to launch but it remains to be seen how exactly this will work because it looks as if Facebook is rolling this out slowly with only a limited number of features being live already.

This new button will also be used by 3rd party sites and there has been some talk that it could be seen as a competitor to the like of Tweetmeme and even Digg as something that sites could add to their stories in order to push content back in to Facebook. One thing that you can be sure of is that every single brand and small business in the world will want to know what this means for their Facebook presence but after the initial uproar has calmed down over the next week people will probably realize that Facebook has just taken another giant step in to improving it's platform and becoming a part of the fabric of the web.

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