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What Is Social Media??

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A lot of companies realize that they need to be involved in social media and talking to their customers but they are not sure exactly how to go about it and what exactly those tools are.

We could give you a thousand definitions of social media, but the chances are you’ll be left with more questions than you started with. Instead, you should take 2 minutes of your time as this video will explain a lot.....

Social media has changed the way that companies target their customers. It is no longer about one-way communication, or about pushing your product onto consumers.

Social media is, by definition, for the people and by the people. But that doesn’t mean that, given you handle your online communications correctly, you can’t occupy this space.

Dell Computers have proven this with their innovative ‘Idea Storm’  campaign. When Dell found that many customers had negative reviews of their product, they chose not to ignore them, but to invite them onto their site, building an online community.

Dell welcomed product suggestions and even introduced a voting system, where people could vote for the product they wanted to go through to development.

This is an excellent example of how to execute a successful social media campaign. Your customers are your business and if you listen to them your business can only get better.

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