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The smell of tweet success

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The chances are you’ve probably seen and heard a lot of coverage about Twitter in the media lately, due to the recent influx of celebrities to the micro-blogging site. You might have also seen our very own Niall Harbison featured in the Times Online, where he reveals how he gets in touch with his (ahem) more feminine side.

Twitter isn't just about following the lives of the famous though. By using Twitter effectively you can engage with your customers in a meaningful and personal way.

It also isn’t just about telling people what you had for lunch. It is a way to engage with a crowd of people online that you can listen to and talk with. There are also an increasing number of businesses using Twitter as an effective communication channel.

Through twitter you can monitor who is talking about you, who should be talking about you and if you give your brand an identity, you can talk to people back.

There are many new tools and applications emerging, such as Twitter search (previously summize) that allow you to tap into these valuable conversations.

There are certain ‘rules’ that need to be followed though â€" if you use Twitter as a one-way communication channel to blanket broadcast corporate messages, its value is negligible and you’ll probably come off worse than when you started.

Before you use Twitter for your business, take time to learn how it works as a communication channel. By respecting the people that use it and adapting to their style of communication you can start to use Twitter as an invaluable method of communicating with your target market.

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