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Owning your web real estate.

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Who owns your web presence? When you're starting to build your brand online, it's important that you own all the areas that should be your 'virtual real estate'. If someone goes into youtube looking for your videos are they likely to find anything? If people are actively searching for you online, you should make it as easy as possible for them to find you. Help people find their way to your website by providing a map that leads back there.

An easy way to see what your web presence looks like is to use Addictomatic. Addictomatic is a search engine that shows you where you are for photos, videos, news and blogs all over the internet. Type your brand terms in - what do you see? The chances are that you might find some irrelevant results, but if you're active online and own your brand terms, you can easily visualise all the places you are online.

A good example is Curious Wines - Ireland's leading online wine specialist, that are heavily participating in social media.

Curious Wines have an established presence, that includes blog posts, twitter, video and photo. They are absolutely owning their brand online and this is exactly the way it should be.

If you're not seeing your business when you use a search engine like this, it's a great opportunity to start owning your web real estate by creating valuable content. If you participate in social media and engage within the community, your web presence can also begin to grow virally, as users begin submitting their own content, contributing to the spread of your brand online.

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