80% Of Twitter UK's Active Users Access Site Via Mobile

With over 140 million active users worldwide, Twitter has revealed that out of the 10 million active users based in the UK, 80 per cent of them access the site through mobile phones. This is significantly higher than the global average of 55 per cent, where the UK is said to be the fourth-largest country for Twitter users in the world, after the U.S., Brazil and Japan.

The Guardian report that the 8 million active Twitter users who logged in to the company's site in the last 30 days did so from a mobile device. While the majority of users access Twitter through a desktop or laptop computer at one point or another, a spokesperson for Twitter UK told The Guardian: "We have seen growth in the number of people signing up from a mobile."

Twitter also say that its users are active in generating content for the site, with 60 per cent of users have contributed to the site, either through tweeting or posting a picture or other content. This is in comparison to other websites such as Youtube which only sees a tiny proportion of its users ever posting videos on the site.

Smartphone Popularity

Considering that the UK is one of the biggest countries for Twitter, it implies that the transition to mobile in other territories could happen a lot sooner than originally expected, especially when you consider their recent update for feature phones.

The site, as a medium, lends itself perfectly to the medium and that's no surprise considering it was created as an alternative to SMS - the 140 character limit is exactly the same as the limit for one SMS message. Its short, snappy nature has won it a high number of active users. The increase in people using smartphones has also attributed to this success and will form the basis for future advertising ventures, where campaigns like Cadbury's brought a 1,800 per cent increase in positive mentions for the brand.

Also, Twitter announced a new feature which hopes to make the site more about content discovery. The site will now bring users a weekly email digest containing the most important and interesting content on the site, delivered straight to your inbox. Collecting the most relevant tweets and stories, the email works the same way as the Discover tab so any topics or tweets that you may have missed over the week will be presented here again for you to see.

The email will work the same way as LinkedIn's email digest LinkedIn Today, which presents its users with five news stories and articles which are trending on the site.

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