T Mobile Bring Shopping Mall To A Standstill With Christmas Viral

  • Author: Niall
  • Niall Harbison,

If there is one type of marketing that T Mobile are well known for it is the spectacular viral video that gets worldwide attention and they are back with their latest attempt. Following on from videos like The Fake Royal wedding, The Parking Ticket Stunt and the

Given the size and the scale of the project you would have to imagine that this was shot over a few days with plenty or editing and retakes so the element of "surprise" they are talking about was probably minimal. Still who cares about details like that when you can watch a brilliant video like this and get that wonderful feel good feeling you get from good marketing! Watch this and try not to have a big smile on your face because with over 1 million views in the couple of days since launch it is clear T Mobile have another huge viral hit on their hands.